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App Crafting Challenge: Android vs iOS Development – The Pros and Cons

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In the world of mobile app development, two operating systems dominate the market: Android and iOS. Both platforms have loyal followers, and as a mobile app development company, choosing between them can be a tricky task. The decision can significantly affect the success of an app. Thus, an App Crafting Challenge between Android and iOS app development is the best way to choose the platform that fits your needs. This blog post discusses the pros and cons of developing apps on the Android and iOS platforms.

Android App Development

Android, an open-source platform, powers over two billion devices worldwide. The platform has a vast user base and marketplace, which gives Android apps a significant advantage. Android app development also provides developers with advanced functionalities. For instance, Google Play Services offer developers vital back-end functionalities such as push notifications, location services, and maps.

In the next section of our blog, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Android App development.

1. Open Source

Android is an open-source platform that offers developers unlimited access to its mobile operating system. The availability of the source code enables developers to modify or customize the Android OS as required to meet the specific demands of their app development project.

2. High Accessibility

With Android’s Play Store, mobile apps are downloadable and accessible even on low-end devices. That means a broad audience can access Android apps. As an Android developer, you benefit from the huge market share of Android devices across the world, which offers huge exposure to your apps.

3. Cost Effective

From the development phase to its deployment, Android app development is relatively cheaper than iOS. Generally, the cost of developing an app on Android is lower because the tools and APIs are free to use.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of Android App Development, let us understand the disadvantages of the same. 


1. Fragmentation

Professionals from a reputed mobile app development company will agree that Android app development is not free from challenges. Experts will agree that among all challenges in Android app development, one of the biggest is fragmentation. This means several versions of the platform are in use when developing apps, causing compatibility issues. Also, the diversity of devices makes it challenging to ensure the standardization of interface design.

2. Security Challenges

The platform is vulnerable to malware and security breaches due to its open-source nature. Android apps face security challenges since the platform’s app review process is less stringent than iOS.

3. Performance Issues

Due to fragmentation, performance on Android devices can be slower than on iOS devices. Android has a relatively lower battery life than iOS, and that can negatively impact the user experience.

Having got a clear idea about Android app development, its advantages and disadvantages that are associated with it, let us dive into iOS App Development. We will begin by educating ourselves about this platform, followed by understanding its pros and cons. 

iOS App Development

Did you know that iOS is the highest revenue-generating platform globally, and what’s more, iOS devices have a significant market share in the developed world. While the platform has a limited user base in comparison to Android, it is popular among premium smartphone users. Having said this, it must be noted that the iOS platform also has its own advantages and disadvantages. 


1. Better User Experience

Because Apple has a strict review process, all iOS apps in the Apple Store look and function in a similar way, thus providing a seamless user experience. This strictness ensures high-quality apps.

2. High-Value App Development

iOS devices are mostly owned by users who spend more time and money within apps. This makes iOS app development attractive to developers looking to generate revenue from the sale of their apps.

3. Better Performance

iOS devices are known for their speed and consistency. Apple devices tend to have faster processing speeds, better battery life, and smoother animations.

In the following section of our blog, we have listed the disadvantages the iOS platform offers. 


1. Expensive App Development

Developing apps on iOS requires a Mac computer, which is more expensive than a PC. Developers also require an Apple Developer Program membership to distribute their iOS apps.

2. Limited Market Share

iOS devices are generally more expensive than Android devices, and, as such, their user base is not as large as Android’s. This can limit the app’s reach and its overall potential revenue.

3. Limited Customization

Apple has strict guidelines for app development, and as such, it can limit the customization of the app according to the developer’s preferences.

Best Platform for App Development

Just like a coin has two sides, Android and iOS app development have their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, your choice depends on the specific needs of your app development project. For instance, if the app is targeted to a user base that predominantly uses Android devices, it makes sense to develop on the Android platform. On the other hand, if the app is more suited to a premium audience, then iOS may be the better choice.

In general, Android app development is more cost-effective, while iOS app development is usually more profitable. In terms of accessibility, Android has the upper hand, while iOS provides a better user experience. Overall, it is best to consider all these factors in detail when deciding which platform is best for app development.


To sum it up, we’d like to bring to light that Android and iOS app development present unique opportunities and challenges. Regardless of the platform you choose, success in mobile app development is determined by many factors, including the app’s quality, functionality, and purpose. 

However, understanding the pros and cons of developing on each platform can help guide your decision-making process, and in turn, ensure the success of your app.

As a mobile app development company, we at Blazon have vast experience in both Android and iOS app development. Contact us now for expert guidance on choosing the best platform for your app development project. Our team of skilled and experienced experts will be more than happy to help you choose the best platform for app development.

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