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From Scrolls to Stories: Mastering the Modern Art of Social Media Storytelling

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Like a picture tells a thousand words, every tale tells a story. In the online revolution that we live in, various forms of digital media have taken center stage. From running advertising campaigns to informing customers about new products or services, and demonstrating how a product is used, the contemporary art of storytelling is the norm of the day. Furthermore, the modern art of social media storytelling has become a paramount social media marketing strategy.

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Mastering the Modern Art of Social Media Storytelling

The art of social media storytelling is one of the most sought-after social media marketing services offered by digital marketing service providers. A compelling social media story will be etched in the minds of consumers and users, thus, giving a brand an edge over its rivals. This brings us to the question of how we can master the modern art of social media storytelling. In the next section of our blog, we’ll tell you how you can master the modern art of social media storytelling.

Identify the unique aspects of your brand

The first step in mastering the modern art of social media storytelling is to identify what aspects are unique to your brand. If you need help determining this, you can seek the help of a social media marketing company like Blazon. Our team of digital marketing experts will be more than happy to guide you.

Draw an emotional connection

Now that we have a concept to work on, it is about time that we begin putting the pieces of our story together. Our audience, both virtual and in the real world, is drawn by emotions. Thus, with the social media marketing strategy, if you wish to establish a connection with your audience, you need to make an emotional connection with them. Emotions play a pivotal role in the contemporary art of social media storytelling. Thus, your social media story must have an element of emotion that can help successfully strike a chord with the audience.

Ensure that your narrative is original

There is no dearth of ideas and concepts when it comes to the contemporary art of storytelling. Thus, a social media story must be carefully crafted in such a manner that it reflects the values and ethos of the brand, while also achieving the goals of the social media marketing strategy.

Tell a story that sells

When working on the modern art of social media storytelling, you must tell a story that sells. The onus of this lies in the idea, concept, and narrative. The social media marketing strategy must align with the social media storytelling pitch. Only then will the effort resonate with the target audience. When the users can relate to the story, they will be urged to purchase your product.

Take advantage of various social media platforms

One of the best ways to achieve success in mastering the modern art of social media storytelling is to take advantage of the various social media platforms. Having created an out-of-the-box concept, it is necessary to make sure that it touches the hearts, minds, and emotions of the intended target audience and potential users. Professionals providing social media marketing services will agree that one of the surefire ways to achieve this is to use multiple social media platforms. Using more than one social media medium is beneficial; if the consumer missed the story on one of the platforms, chances are he will catch a glimpse of it on another one.

Measure the success of your social media story

This, despite being the last step in mastering the modern art of social media storytelling, holds a lot of weight in social media marketing strategy. It gives you an idea that you are on track with your digital marketing efforts, to begin with. Furthermore, when you measure the success of a social media storytelling campaign, you become aware of important aspects of your potential customers and intended users. Aspects that are related to your brand, like consumers’ preferences, likes, dislikes, and expectations from the product and service, among others, come to light when you embark on measuring the success of the social media story. It will also help you plan for your next social media storytelling campaign.


In conclusion, our transition from the traditional storytelling format to the contemporary technique that takes advantage of social media is remarkable. The goal, however, remains unchanged; to grab the attention of the target audience and sell the product or service.

As we cruise through the thriving and ever-changing digital landscape, it is necessary to ensure that we master the modern art of social media storytelling with maturity. We must be responsible for social media story telling.

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